Sandra - Hove

"Hi Dianne. Just to say thanks for looking after Peppa this morning. She is full of cuddles now and so much happier"

This is the lovely PEPPA, a beautiful 10 month old Maine Coone kitten after her recent grooming session.

Alex - Saltdean

"I was very happy with the way Dianne handled my cats, (Cookie and Charlie) both are old and so I was wary of grooming them. Dianne assessed them and really cared about their wellbeing, recommending what they would benefit from. I am very happy with the results and much to my relief both boys were not bothered by their treatments and were their usual selves immediately after. in fact they can't wait to see her (& her supply of dreamies!) again soon."

This is the adorable COOKIE - a rescue longhaired sweetheart before his grooming session.

....and after looking a lot sleeker but still with his signature furry paws!

...and the handsome CHARLIE after his grooming session, a semi longhaired rescue kitty who, after an encounter with another cat, needed a full foam 'dry' bath to clean his beautiful coat and restore his lovely white fur.

This is DOTTIE, a very regal silver grey Persian after her grooming session when a very large amount of fur (see below!) was removed to give her this lovely sleek look. After the session she spent ages walking around the flat showing off her new hairdo and having cuddles with her mummy, the lovely Stephanie.

The beautiful Bebe after one of her regular grooming sessions

Below  is the gorgeous Crystal after her grooming session. Crystal is a lovely shorthaired tabby who, as an indoor cat sheds a lot of her fur and her mum has her groomed regularly to avoid those pesky fur balls!