Pretty Kitty is a mobile cat grooming service run by Certified Master Cat Groomer Dianne Gordon-Bassett and covers Peacehaven, Brighton and Hove, Newhaven, Seaford, Eastbourne, Hastings, Bexhill, Worthing and Chichester, reaching out to all parts of East and West Sussex, including Crawley, Horsham and Haywards Heath into the Kent Borders.

Dianne is a life long cat lover and after her white, part Maine Coone, cat Crighton, decided to investigate the chimney and was covered in soot Dianne found out that there were very few groomers in the UK who were trained specifically to groom cats especially in the Brighton and Hove area, or anywhere in Sussex, they were mainly dog groomers who groomed cats on the side. So she decided to undergo a certified cat grooming course with the renowned cat groomer and Russian vet Svetlana Brussova, at the Cat Grooming School in East London.

Following her graduation as a Master cat groomer and knowing that two of things most cats hate are travelling and dogs, she decided to set up a mobile grooming service so that cats could have the salon grooming experience in the comfort of their own homes. This meant that cats need not suffer the stress of travelling or to be subjected to the sights and smells of dogs or even other cats! Mobile cat grooming with Pretty Kitty also allows those less mobile cat servants or those without cars to have their cats groomed at home.

What Grooming services do I offer?

  • Claw clipping on its own or as part of a full groom - most cats will allow their claws to be clipped without the need for a trip to the vet
  • Matt and knot removal - many people think that this can only be done by a vet and under sedation because their cat is too feisty or unco-operative and there are rare occasions when this is true. However in the vast majority of cases I can remove even the most knotted and tight matts from all parts of the cats body, in your own home, safely and without a stressful and expensive visit to the vet. This is done by carefully shaving the matt or knot out of the coat.
  • Full groom - this includes claw clipping, a dry bath with top of the range John Paul Mitchell Cat products (tested on humans first!), removal of the odd knot and a thorough comb through, followed by cleaning of the eyes and ears and lots of cuddles and treats ( when allowed)
  • Wet bath - this is something that can be done in your own home upon request if necessary, but not something that I would routinely do as most (but not all, as you can see below) cats dislike water on their fur. However sometimes it is necessary especially when some cats get very adventurous (like my Crighton) and end up with soot on their fur! Then a bath is necessary to prevent them from ingesting anything nasty and making them unwell. This is followed by blow drying the fur by hand ( no cage drying!). Again the products used are from the John Paul Mitchell range and specially formulated for cats.
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  • Full Clip/Lion Cut - this is when the cat's fur is shaved completely leaving fur only on part of its tail, legs and around the head - sometimes this is fashioned to make the cat look like a little lion and that is what is known as a Lion Cut. Cats with very dense and heavy coats can benefit from this in the Summer months and those whose coats have become so matted that it is the only option.
  • Before anything is done, on the first session I will discuss all the grooming options with you and time will be spent getting to know your kitty so the first session may be longer than any subsequent ones, so please allow time for this.

About Dianne

Dianne is passionate about cats and their welfare and is owned by 6 rescue cats including 2 long haired cats, the aforementioned Crighton and Mimi a 20 year old grey Persian. The rest of the family comprise of black kitten twins, Thelma and Louise, and sisters Buffy and Ariel.

In her spare time Dianne is a volunteer at the ABC Animal Sanctuary in West Chiltington where the feline residents enjoy her regular cat grooming sessions.

Dianne's philosophy is that the grooming experience should be as pleasant as possible for both cat and groomer to make every cat look as handsome, beautiful and have as healthy a coat as possible. She treats each cat she grooms as an individual as if they were her own, with the love, care and respect they deserve.

Dianne would be pleased to discuss your kitty's individual grooming needs and requirements and you can e-mail or call at any time to have a chat or make a booking.